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Traction System is a classic and the first system that found for elevator. Until now it is still the best system and its proof in high risk building still use it. Nowadays, traction system have different 2 type. They are Machine Room (MR) and Machine Roomless(MRL)

Machine Room

Machine Room (MR) series is a classic elevator system ( traction) with an engine room which is usually located on the room of a building.  our MR products, inheriting highly sophisticated modern technology, feature elevated system reliability features to achieve ” Energy Savings” and are environmentally friendly. 

FERROLIFT – Machine Room  elevator system strict manufacturing technology and the industry of advanced technology, optimize the design of space, mechanical components of smart compact, effectively reduce the top space, save the cost of construction ; also has energy – saving environmental protection, safe and stable, comfortable experience and other advantages, for all types of modern buildings provide reliable solutions.


Reasonable Civil Engineering Arrangement

Realize consistent size between machine room and well, reduce machine room height by 250mm, reserving larger construction space

Compact and Light

Exclusive thin control cabinet customized for elevator


Machine Roomless

FERROLIFT – System Roomless with great improving on design freedom of motion & full expressing on green humanities, we endeavor to save the building area, enhance the freedom in design, fully display a green and human concept.  Compared with same loading level geared elevator, it can save more electricity and building area. 

FERROLIFT – System Roomless breaks through the premise that every elevator needs to have a machine room. It offers an inventive possibility for the limited space in the modern constructions

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