It's time to know the thruth

Screw & Nuts / Drive or better known as ULIR in Indoneesia language is an elevator system that we have mastered since its inception.

we are Pioneer “Screw lift: in Indonesia, we have experienced in selling, installing and maintenance these systems in hundreds of units of motorcysles and nuts mounted on the platform wall. 

"When the elevator was operated on. The motor moves the nut to turn the screw. This is the part that moves the platform up and down".

Some of the Brands that are currently on the market right now for the screw and nut system are the brands that we carried before until we decided not to sell this system anymore.  This happened after we had sold and installed  hundreds of units where we discovered several falatilites due to weaknesses of the Screw & Nut System.

the weakness of
screw & drive system

Weakness 1

At the time of power failure  or off, due to the screw system, the speed of the elevator to reach the nearest elevator is very very very slow and takes times.

Lift speed under normal conditions is 15 cm/ second, become around 1-5 cm/second so it takes several minutes for passengers inside to get out of the elevator.

this look trivial, but  imagine if the passengers inside are parents.  Then around almost 10 minutes or more, can be in the elevator room in a closes state without any incoming air, then it will be a FATAL moment.

Weakness 2

If the elevator is rarely used, the oil which lubricaes the screw will dry.  As a result when the elevator is operating, it will not operate smoothly because of the dry oil, coupled with a loud noise because the screw is dry

Weakness 3

This system can’t stand when the voltage up or down , unstable… like most of all in Indonesia area.

And according to them, in Europe , there was never a unstable voltage happen like in here,  

we not recommend
screw & drive system

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