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FERROLIFT – PLATFORM HOMELIFT  already over thirty years, have worked with technology at the service of people and environments. Because we understand that The home is the most important place in the life of each individual; it is where we meet and where we can be ourselves, where we can freely combine tastes and style with personal needs

We believe that every one of our elevators should be tailor-made for the user, reflecting their identity in every single detail. For this reason, every one of our solutions are customised and designed to adapt to the needs of the individuals, improving their everyday quality of life.

Security, reliability, and ease of use are the pillars of our design, which are delivered due to the quality of components and attention to detail. Individual tailor-made projects that comply with high quality standards.

Finally you can choose without making consessions.
Making your home more comfortable, welcoming and eco-sustainable today is possible with the Orion and Gulliver home elevator. Functional, compact, stylish: comfort has a new dimension.


Smart Installation

The installation of the FERROLIFT - PLATFORM HOMELIFT is easy and rapid, executable in a few days and normally without structural changes. The modularity of its elements allows its inclusion in any context, both outdoors and indoors, with minimal construction work.


In the event of a power failure operation of FERROLIFT - PLATFORM HOMELIFT is still possible even in the event of momentary absence of electric current, always ensuring return to the floor and opening of the doors. . The multifunction display, in addition to indicating the position and direction of travel of the cabin, monitors the efficiency of all the safety aspects through state-ofthe-art software.

Tailor-made Design

Style is a matter of details. With FERROLIFT - PLATFORM HOMELIFT, you can satisfy your inspiration and your imagination by choosing from a selection of car layouts, finishes, colours and options. The lift’s equipment was designed to give you the utmost freedom to customise your elevator, right down to the smallest detail.

Space Saving

The many configurations available simplify the inclusion of FERROLIFT - PLATFORM homelift in any home, respecting its style and facilities. Versatile and compact, it can also be installed in extremely restricted spaces. Free your space with FERROLIFT - PLATFORM HOMELIFT.

Green Energy

A technology that respects the environment. Class A energy efficiency certification, FERROLIFT - PLATFORM HOMELIFT has a green soul and is built with fully recyclable material and biodegradable hydraulic oil. Its consumption is comparable to that of a common household appliance and requires only the simple household current for its operation. Press the button and you travel in near silence.

                                                                                      PLATFORM                                                              PLATFORM WITH-CEILING