Humanistic care,
considerate to every detail

Our Concern

Based on the full consideration to the special requirements of medical institution, FERROLIFT series Bed lift realizes the convenience transport of hospital beds, medical workers and some other medical equipment with optimized car structure. Its precise running speed control makes patients and workers feel comfortable and stable, it is also fully considered on every details about hall call box, handrail , etc, to show the humanistic area

“Comfortable, great design and offer all its perfect.... thankyou for the experience.”


Electromagnetic compatible

The control system of FERROLIFT hospital bed elevator completely adheres to the relevant electromagnetic compatibility standard, it can effectively avoid electromagnetic wave interference between various kind of precise equipment’s in the hospitals and the signal of elevator, can eliminate electromagnetic pollution, and satisfy the requirement of modern medical system

Clean Antibacterial Function

The antibacterial device located in the cabin will regularly sterilization and disinfection, real-time ventilation to make sure the clean air of cabin, get it far away from the bacterial

Human – centered design, rich functions

It satisfies the needs of emergency patients’ delivery.  It applies human centered design and is equipped with a full set of top equipment’s. It is smooth and comfortable in running.  It has bright and broad car. It not only has ordinary passenger transport functions, furthermore, it can contain stretch.  Meanwhile, it is convenient for the people to carry large furniture

Hospital bed diagram

Stretch bed diagram

Tailor made stretch elevator for safe and convenient

The stretcher elevator has been specially designed for your building. It applies high strength section materials to produce the elevator cars. It can bear various kinds of heavy stretchers. It safely delivers the patients/goods.  It effectively protects the security of both the people and the goods