Get to know about HomeLift

Definition of homelift is an elevator specifically intended for low-rise buildings. What is meant by low-rise buildings are buildings with a maximum of 4-5 floors, a capacity of 150-400 kg, such as for residential houses where function, safety and design are the main things.

Who is it for?

Apart from being used for low-rise buildings, HomeLift is also more for disabled users, parents, children and people who have difficulty climbing stairs.

“Change Your Lifestyle with our HomeLift”

The system that FERROLIFT – HOMELIFT used and recommends is Homelift with TRACTION AND HYDRAULIC SYSTEM


The Best System lift ever

“The traction / screw type HomeLift is very suitable for low-level buildings, because in addition to its sufficient speed this elevator also saves good pit space from 15-50 cm, and does not require engine room so as to save space”

“This elevator is also suitable for people who are familiar with conventional lifts so that the design can also be customized, plus the price is economical”


Perfect Solution for your house

“Homelift is very suitable for buildings with minimal space/rooms and finished buildings. Because the pit is minimal, there is no need for large demolition”

“Moreover, this type of lift ca be placed INDOOR & OUTDOOR , Plus the model is very modern so that your house /  building looks more beautiful and cool”


ANOTHER - Perfect Solution for your house

“Until now, The Weakness of homelift – traction system is that it requires a large enough space area, whereas for the homelift – hydraulic system, the lift speed is quite slow”

“And the As technology develops, FERROLIFT presents the latest traction system for homelifts to meet the need to limited or small space.”

“With the two new traction systems, namely traction – backpack and traction – no counterweight, it can answer all homelift needs for a small area, but the speed is quite fast”



The new FERROLIFT – traction BACKPACK homelift is the best solution for vertical transport: high travel comfort and low energy consumption are combined thanks to the gearless motor drive.

APPLICATIONS :- Private houses – Commercial and public buildings – Small buildings

TRACTION - no counterweight SYSTEM

Perfect Solution for your house


“ The forced drive elevator is a non frictional elevator driven by a chain or wire rope.  There is no counter weight balance device , which has the advantage of saving the shaft space. It is a good choice for small shaft building with flexible cabin decoration”