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ferrolift - freight lift

Super - strong loading, smooth delivery

FERROLIFT – Freight elevator combines with top technologies such as elevator engineering technology etc, fierce drag system, highly reinforced mechanical structure design.  It can hold a large amount of goods. It can still work under various harsh environments.  It features as effective, reliable, firm, durable, accurate leveling etc.  it is widely applicable for various goods transport occasions such as factory, warehouse, shopping center and so on

more space, more freedom

Only the elevators with more building freedom can be favored by great architects.  In order to change the affection of traditional elevator with macine room to building outline, elevator develops machine roomless freight elevator series. It does not occupy any other space except well. It is compact in structure

perfect safety function

We Provide Complete Safety function in the freight lift because we understand that your goods is important

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All plans offer a two years guarantee.

FERROLIFT - Machine Room Freight Elevator

Four Advantages bring about a wonderful and extraordinary goods transport

FERROLIFT - Machine RoomLess Freight Elevator

It arouses infinite possibilities.

Machine RoomLess is more powerful than the elevator with machine room

FERROLIFT – Machine RoomLess freight elevator  takes low carbon environment protection as design concept.  It saves energy and reduces loss.  It utilizes the well space to the greatest extent.  It regards saving the building area and descreasing the building cost as ultimate goal. It gives a full play of green humane spirits of the products.  Compared with geared elevator with same load level, it can save 40% of electric energy, 10% of building area.