We know what you need

We Present a special elevator for disabled or whelchair users.  We really understand that the need for elevators is very important for the disabled where they need their own space and special elevators to be able make them to move smoothly, not join public facilities in general.

This type of lift is half platform elevator that specifically for disabled users and wheelchairs. The lift can be applied with strcture or without structure

The model

The model is half platform with hydraulic system. The lift is easy to be use specially for disable person. It is also silent, safe , easy to install and long lasting

FERROLIFT – DISABLE model is produced within Intentional standards of regulations  and environment security are kept at the highest level.  It can be used in schools, mosques, hotels, rehabilitation centers, shops and places where installation area is narrow.

Some of the advantages of this type are :

The lift is easy to install

Can be placed directly on the floor using a ramp because it only requires a 10 cm pit.

Can be easily applied indoors and outdoors

Not affected by humidity, heat and rain

Can be installed in places where the elevator area is limited / narrow

A maximum height of 16 m.

Public Model

this model is dedicated for general needs where there are doors on each side. Suit hospital wheelchairs with one companion

Small Size

this model is specifically for home use where it is available for the smallest size and only requires an area of ​​(w) 1000 x (d) 900 mm

Mix Model

This model was created by combining homelift and disable lift to produce a modern and elegant model but very functional for disable also.