semi automatic door

When design meet technologies

WE are the MOST experience and the Best Company In Indonesia for  Selling Homelift with Semi Automatic Door

When talking about Homelift with Semi Automatic Door, we the Best in Indonesia that selling it because we already selling hundreds for years with many type. This makes us having lots of experience and become pioneer for homelift this type  .

The Perfect SOLUTION

Combine the strong and excellence quality, FERROLIFT – SEMI AUTOMATIC DOOR very suit for homelift and lowrise building such as factory, hospitals, school , hotel, etc.

With variation door that we provide, we believe one of FERROLIFT – SEMI AUTOMATIC DOOR will be suitable with your needs.


  • All Door complete with silencer and standard from factory is V type
  • The door is equipped with invisible hinges with aluminium frame
  • We use electrostatic paiting, so you can choose any color from RAL color palette