it's time for perfection

Perfection is what we pay attention to in providing and selling each of our products, especially for automatic door products.  Our Automatic Door/sliding door has several advantages in its class compared to competitors, because it is done by experts in their fields who already have years of experience.

Top advanced door operator system

The door operator control system of applies dual control systems.  One group is controlled by main controller of control cabinet, the other one by door operator controller, which greatly reduces non opening accidents due to trouble of door machine control

High efficiency magnet frequency door machine

Main technical index and safety performance of FERROLIFT door machine have passed authoritative attestation to ensure the security and stability of the lift. 

Using the latest door drive system and closed loop vector control, compact structure, energy conservation, environmental protection, the use of reliable, low noise characteristics.

Screen door protection and detection

For any passengers into the detection zone or objects can make quick response, ensuring access to safe use of screen protection system, forming a safety net in the elevator door.

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Pick a Product and Solution that best fits your Needs and Vision. All plans offer a full guarantee and free maintenance.